Writing Your Book Of Life

Writing Your Book Of Life


I believe the rules for writing a good book are rules that could easily be applied to living one’s life:


1) You are the main character in your life story. 2) Without you there is no story. 3) Develop your character fully, every day and in every way; the depth and richness of your story is dependent on this. 4) Don’t allow yourself to get lost between the lines of other peoples lives. 5) Unless your book is about living a mundane trivial life, don’t spend your time on trivia and stuff you don’t really care about and don’t want the reader to care about. 6) Understand that being the main character requires you to take good care of yourself (unless your book of life is about someone who didn’t. 7) All good writers know that no matter how tall the mountain, treacherous the river, or deep the hole there is a way out. Remember you are the author unless you choose to be a victim. 8) Most heroes feel unprepared, ill equipped and uncertain of their journey. 9) If you feel unprepared, ill equipped and uncertain of your journey you are in exactly the right place. 10) Make sure you explore what you have learned from your mistakes. 11) You are not one of your mistakes. 12) Completing your book will take your entire lifetime. You are not a book reviewer so don’t spend your time being a book critic. There will be lots of time to review your life when it’s over.



I am the author of my life. My life is a hero’s journey.


© Robert Luckin

15 April 2013