I don’t know whose idea women were, but I think they are a very good idea. I have found them just about everywhere, doing just about everything a human being can do. They come in all shapes and sizes, as well as in a variety of beautiful colors. They have the most amazing voices eyes and various other parts. Who would have thought to put so many amazing and beautiful parts together into one form?  They seem to grasp the concept of love more fully than their male counterpart and have a powerful tendency to create peace, while many of the male species are collecting guns. I have been told they don’t believe in glass ceilings and don’t want people who have very different parts to tell them how they should use theirs. Their ability to demonstrate compassion as well as a high degree of intellect is something less common in most of the rest of the species. They have made multitasking an art form, shopping spiritual and just about everything they touch beautiful. I think having an International day for women is a great thing to do.


Robert Luckin

8 March 2013