Wet and Loving It

Wet and Loving It

Walk in the rain. Stand in it until you are drenched. Enjoy knowing that no matter how much more it rains on you, you are as wet as you will ever be. Once the sun comes out, welcome it as you would a friend. Enjoy its warmth and all the light it brings. When night comes, the warmth will linger. Lie on the ground and watch as the sky opens a cosmic dance floor. Say hello to the moon; greet the stars. Invite your mind to dance. Allow your heart to whisper love songs. When at last you close your eyes to sleep, say, “Thank you.”

Bob Luckin. ©
November 8th 20113

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  1. Jane

    Sometimes if I’m having trouble drifting off to sleep I imagine in a very real visual, sensual way that I am lying on a cloud as my mattress, covered by a silky blue coverlet made of the sky, drifting through space in oneness. It does the trick every time 🙂

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