We Were A Packard Family

A Packard Family



My father drove a Packard

We were a Packard family

Our neighbors had mostly Fords and Chevy’s

One neighbor had a Buick

There wasn’t much you could say about a Buick

My dad was out of work a lot

Our Packard was green

We were very, very poor

It would have been nice to have new cloths for Christmas

Or kerosene for the heaters we had in the kitchen and living room

Salvation Army cloths look old before you buy them

We had a 1947 Packard Super Clipper

Sometimes it didn’t start

We had a lot of what my dad called, government cheese and powdered milk

Winters in Rochester NY were hard on older cars

Some of our neighbors didn’t have cars

We were a Packard family

Once when my dad was out of work

The rent was past due and he was upset

We put all our stuff in the Packard and at 3am we moved

We drove to Miami Florida

I don’t think anyone in Florida had a Packard.

My dad got a job

The Packard wouldn’t start

We didn’t have air-condition in the house

We had all kinds of bugs, and it was always hot

I didn’t like where we lived

I didn’t like the heat

I didn’t like the names people called us because we were from the north

But I was proud that we were a Packard family



© Robert Luckin

4 April 2013