The Music of Your Life

     The Music of Your Life


Pick a favorite musician, one who has written a considerable number of compositions. Have you noticed that although each piece of music written by this composer has a unique message and melody, there is something in each piece that immediately leads you to recognizing the composer? Every composer places an invisible signature on every composition they write. Likewise, our thoughts may seem random and disconnected. They may not appear to have any particular signature, but, in fact, they do. No single thought will make, break, or change your life. No single thought will necessarily lead to the creation of anything physically tangible. Your thoughts, like music, have a general mood, theme, rhythm, and feel. The unseen energetic tone, mood rhythm and theme form patterns. These patterns attract anything and everything in the universe that match them. You might say your thoughts create a unique melody that goes out into the universe and when the universe hears this melody it hums this energetic melody into form. Imagine that your thoughts are a movie. Now imagine that your movie has a soundtrack. Your soundtrack is the language of the universe. What is it calling for? What is it calling forth? If you are unhappy, see if you can identify the soundtrack accompanying your unhappiness. Each pattern forms the music you are broadcasting to the universe. If you want to change your life, change your thinking to the kind that would have an accompanying soundtrack you would love to hear.


© Robert Luckin

8 May 2013