Tears & Love

Tears and Love

I may not see the first, or catch the second of your tears. I cannot stop them; they belong to you, as does your smile, your laughter and your song of life. I will walk next to you, if that is your desire. I will stand by you, and hold your heart with mine. I will love you the way good friends do. I will listen when your soul whispers. I will beat the drum to the heartbeat of your song. I will feed your dreams and blanket them with the petals of a rose. I will be there when you harvest the good that you have planted. You can lean on me for courage to remove the stones of doubt and worry. I will stand by you when you are strong and during your darkest hour. I will help you find the words you need to speak with love and power. Don’t give yourself to tears or worry, to pain or suffering. You are here by your design to live your life and dreams. You are the colors that create the rainbow. Your heart has wings strong enough to lift you above any storm. You were created to serve love in all its many forms. It is love that holds the unseen particles of your being together for your wondrous life experience. It is love that shows the way and will never leave you. I have many names I I’m your Beloved.

Bob Luckin ©
October 9th 2013