A Word Affair

A Word Affair

I like the words “chocolate,” “love” and “celebration.” I like words that open the mind and make my heart long for more. I like words that invite me in, open doors and say thank you. I like words I can build on, words that are solid and words that I can see through. I like soft words and words that bend my mind. I like words that undo fear and hate. I like words that unite, also untethered words, words free from old ideas that no longer serve the living. I like little, tender words that creep into my heart and also words on fire with passion. I like words of color; but, also words that are white, and always will be. I like the word “chameleon.” I like words that lovers use and all the words for dreamers. I like words with dignity, words filled with tears and those that laugh out loud. I like unspoken, extra virgin words. I like words that break the silence and words that invite the mind to meditate. I like all kinds of words. I am especially fond of “please” and “thank you.” There is magic in words like “sorry”, “compassion” and “acceptance.” “Empathy” is one of those unspoken words that fit into almost every conversation. Words strung together like I-Love-You can last a lifetime, save a marriage and end a war between nations. I love words that greet the divinity in others. I like words that warm chilling conversations. I like words like “healing”, “tomorrow” and “joy.” There are a lot of words I wish we used more often. Today I choose the words I want to give life to. The kind of words I would like to wake up to, hold close and take to bed at night.

Bob Luckin. ©
November 8th 2013

Live & Love

You Are Here To Live and Love

While you are here in this body, love, laugh, smile and ask millions of questions. Sing out loud, especially where there is an echo. Dance as long as you can and walk until your feet will no longer move. Swim in the ocean, a lake and a pond. Walk in a stream or river. Climb a hill or a mountain. Play in the snow at least once. Imitate a songbird, kiss a dog on the nose and rub his belly with both hands. Listen to the rain and clap when you hear thunder. Laugh with a baby. Hold hands with someone special. Greet a stranger like a long lost friend. Buy someone you don’t know a cup of coffee. Share a box of homemade cookies. Write a poem about love. Write a letter to someone you admire. See as many sunsets and sunrises as you can. Fill your thoughts with love and watch as they lift you and others. Dream the grandest of dreams. Speak to everyone who smiles. Greet strangers with warm eyes. Make up amazing stories and change them daily. When things don’t go your way, change your way. If you fall down, stay down until you realize that getting up is a choice you get to make. Imagine that you had a conversation with the Source of all creation. Imagine that you were told you are here to live the greatest life possible and to live and love beyond your wildest imagination because you have.

Bob Luckin ©
October 27 2013

Evidence Of Healing

The Evidence Of Healing

I was shown a beautiful bowl that came from China. It had been broken and mended with gold solder. The lines of gold solder added great beauty to the bowl. I was told that the solder viewed a break as a place for healing and that finding the pieces and carefully soldering them together was a demonstration of love. This process helps the mender develop a deeper understand of the bowl’s strength, beauty and purpose. It shows respect for lessons given and learned. Too often we throw away a broken bowl or ourselves with very little thought. When a relationship doesn’t look or work exactly the way we think it should, we give up and walk away. The relationship we have with others, and with ourselves is like fine glass, it is very fragile. We will experience many breaks over our lifetime. Disappointment, goals not reached, lost pride and disillusionment can leave us in pieces. When we don’t run away, but stay and pick up the pieces, we tell the universe that we are not to be thrown away. Repairing what is broken is an act of love and compassion. Many people see themselves as scarred. Many hide their scars in shame. When we view what we once called scars as the evidence of a lesson learned, scares become lifelines of healing. All relationships are fragile and will eventually break. How we pick up the pieces, repair the damage, and heal the relationship is the story of our life.

Bob Luckin ©
11 October 2013

Serve Love

Do everything with love. Love by itself does nothing. Love is a fire in the soul. It is fuel for the living. Love is the unseen master that bathes a kiss, and consummates a smile. It is the sparkle in your eyes and the rhythm of your heart. Every thought is a tool designed for serving love. Every fiber of your body lives to serve love. Love’s fire thrives with every loving action. Do not wait for love to build a bridge, end a war, or feed a hungry child. Your course of action, bathed in love can do all of this and more. If you think you are here to serve another master you are mistaken. Don’t allow your heart and eyes to close themselves to love. Love’s fire has not gone out; it will always burn. Open your eyes and trust your heart. You are love’s beloved servant.

~Bob Luckin ©
10 October 2013

Tears & Love

Tears and Love

I may not see the first, or catch the second of your tears. I cannot stop them; they belong to you, as does your smile, your laughter and your song of life. I will walk next to you, if that is your desire. I will stand by you, and hold your heart with mine. I will love you the way good friends do. I will listen when your soul whispers. I will beat the drum to the heartbeat of your song. I will feed your dreams and blanket them with the petals of a rose. I will be there when you harvest the good that you have planted. You can lean on me for courage to remove the stones of doubt and worry. I will stand by you when you are strong and during your darkest hour. I will help you find the words you need to speak with love and power. Don’t give yourself to tears or worry, to pain or suffering. You are here by your design to live your life and dreams. You are the colors that create the rainbow. Your heart has wings strong enough to lift you above any storm. You were created to serve love in all its many forms. It is love that holds the unseen particles of your being together for your wondrous life experience. It is love that shows the way and will never leave you. I have many names I I’m your Beloved.

Bob Luckin ©
October 9th 2013

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