Mothers Day

Dear Mom,


It’s time to write a thank you letter for some things I never thanked you for. The lima beans that Dad told me I had to eat would still be on my plate getting older and colder were it not for your throwing them away when Dad wasn’t looking. I appreciate the times when the temperature was over 90 degrees outside so I didn’t mow the acre lot next to the house with the push mower; you told dad I had been sick. Now that I am a parent I understand why you didn’t want me to have a BB gun. I never told you I had one or about the BB gun wars I had with Dale and Terry. I kept the BB gun at Terry’s house. Thanks for finding $40.00 (a huge amount at the time) to go with the money I had saved by helping the neighbors bail hay so that I could buy a Schwinn bicycle with chrome fenders. I know we were very poor and didn’t have the money for me to buy a bike. Thanks for all the times you told me I had a kind heart and how I had a way with animals. Thanks for not telling Dad about the injured, blind woodchuck I was keeping in the barn; the woodchuck lived because of you. Thanks for encouraging me to write and for telling me I was a good writer. Thanks for the twenty thousand meals you fixed for us seven kids. Thanks for setting your pride aside so that we could qualify for government cheese and powered milk. There were lots of times you managed to keep us all alive on government cheese, powered milk, wonder bread, and soup. Thanks for all the times you washed everyone’s clothes in an Easy wringer-washer that was anything but easy. Thanks for the hours you spent on your feet ironing. I don’t remember your complaining about having to wear old second-hand clothes. I remember your telling us that we were not poor, but that we just didn’t have much. When I think of the hard times you endured I am amazed how well you took care of all of us. Thanks, Mom.


© Robert Luckin

11 May 2013