Making The Impossible Possible

Making the Impossible Possible.


When we are told something is impossible should we agree and walk away? Warnings are just warnings. Consider them carefully and decide for yourself the extent other people’s experiences apply to you. Do your homework. Create a network of support. Plan for what you will do if you fail. The following are questions I ask myself before tackling the impossible. They are not necessarily the best questions and certainly not the only questions, but they are the ones I like to be able to answer before I move forward. Can I afford (financially and emotionally) to fail? What will it mean to succeed and where will success take me? Do I know what I need to know? If I don’t know enough, am I willing to learn more? Am I really committed to making the impossible possible? What is my intention? Am I doing this to make someone else wrong, to prove a point, or to try to be superior to others? If so, is it worth the effort? To make the impossible possible requires mind/heart harmony, clarity, planning, and right action. Just saying that I can, that there is no such thing as impossible, or that God will make it happen, is rarely enough.


The carpenter asked, “God will you guide my hand and keep it steady so that I can drive each nail into the wood without bending it?”


God smiled and replied, “Yes, I would be glad to guide your hand, but first you will need to get a hammer.”


Bob Luckin © 2013