Make Your Life A Safari

                       Make Your Life A Safari


When I was very young, before I learned to weigh and measure my accomplishments, my world was an abundant place to be discovered. I had no concept of past, present or future. Experience has taught me much of what I need to know to be safe, and has helped me develop some degree of life mastery. As I grow older my challenge is to avoid turning my experiences into a resume that I believe in more than myself, When I am able to avoid being seduced by my past I live in the present.

Every day I summon the courage to step into the unknown. It helps me to imagine myself on a great safari. I know that as an explorer I must travel lite, remain nimble and be willing to call where I am home for the night. I can’t allow myself to be blinded by a longing for the safety of my past, nor can I allow myself to bullied by the unpleasantness of any present moment. When exploring a place unlike any in my experience, I use all my gifts, talents and skills, and I am willing to set those that don’t work aside so that I can acquire new ones. I am here to explore and experience the depth and breadth of every moment of my life. Alan Cohen a man I deeply respect once said,

To grow you must be willing to let your present and future, be totally unlike your past. Your history is not your destiny.”  






Each step I take in consciousness is a welcome adventure that I love and am grateful for. I am unafraid and live my life to the fullest.



© Robert Luckin 16 May 2013