Live & Love

You Are Here To Live and Love

While you are here in this body, love, laugh, smile and ask millions of questions. Sing out loud, especially where there is an echo. Dance as long as you can and walk until your feet will no longer move. Swim in the ocean, a lake and a pond. Walk in a stream or river. Climb a hill or a mountain. Play in the snow at least once. Imitate a songbird, kiss a dog on the nose and rub his belly with both hands. Listen to the rain and clap when you hear thunder. Laugh with a baby. Hold hands with someone special. Greet a stranger like a long lost friend. Buy someone you don’t know a cup of coffee. Share a box of homemade cookies. Write a poem about love. Write a letter to someone you admire. See as many sunsets and sunrises as you can. Fill your thoughts with love and watch as they lift you and others. Dream the grandest of dreams. Speak to everyone who smiles. Greet strangers with warm eyes. Make up amazing stories and change them daily. When things don’t go your way, change your way. If you fall down, stay down until you realize that getting up is a choice you get to make. Imagine that you had a conversation with the Source of all creation. Imagine that you were told you are here to live the greatest life possible and to live and love beyond your wildest imagination because you have.

Bob Luckin ©
October 27 2013