Let’s Agree



Each of us is an expression of love

Our mission is to give and receive love

Let’s agree to be lovers




It won’t always be easy

People won’t always seem lovable

You may have to give up being mad

You won’t always get to be right

You may not always feel worthy

Being a lover may not add a day to your life

It will however change your life

As profoundly as day changes night

Have you tried living without love?

Was it worth the effort?

Did it bring you pleasure?

If it’s been a while since you have loved

Start small

Love the morning breeze

The light in a stallion’s eye

A newborn

A song or a symphony

A poem or a poet

A long walk

A tender hug

A good night’s sleep

Leftover dreams

The smell of coffee

A songbird at dawn

A night frog calling for a mate

Love other lovers

Love as secretly as you desire

Love out loud

For loving is something you require


© Robert Luckin

26 March 2013