I Dream A World Of Love





I Dream A World Of Love


If you love to dream, your dreams will stay with you and you will have no need to chase them. If you nourish your dreams they will grow. Well-tended dreams come with a world of ideas that never stop expanding. If you trust yourself and your dreaming you will discover many of the tools that are required for you to make them as real in the physical world as they are in your mind. You will run into those who don’t believe in dreams. Don’t let them discourage you. They don’t know they are living their lives on borrowed dreams. Dreamers don’t limit life by ascribing meaning to it. In the unlimited world of dreaming a chair can be a ladder and a ladder can be a place for hanging plants.  A dream house doesn’t require a ceiling and stars don’t require a sky. People can have wings and no one ever dies. Dreamers have special keys to places in the mind. Dreamers can unlock castles of wisdom, read ancient sacred scrolls hung on great temple walls. Dreamers freely enter timeless halls of music, poetry and light. Dreamers are composers, arrangers and dancers in the night. Dreamers embrace the fire of life that burns deep in the soul of humankind. Dreamers never tire of dreaming. If you love to dream, dream the grandest of dreams. Nourish your dreams as you would a newborn baby. Dream a world composed of love. Be true to your dreams and they will be true to you.


Robert Luckin

12 May 2013