God’s Sweet Nectar



God’s Sweet Nectar


Borrowed thoughts, ideas and dreams float in and out of view. In time, the friendly ones, the ones I like, the ones others praise me for grow, as do all things well attended. On hot days I drink in ideas and thoughts like ice water. I am refreshed and seduced by the formless wellspring of mind. Intoxicated, Can I claim everything that passes through me to be mine and mine alone? I no longer feel sure which thoughts belong to me, which thoughts I have and which thoughts have me.


When a flower blossoms it pours out fragrance, beauty and great splendor, few know that it does all of this to attract a single bee. A flower knows it has no wings; it has the gift of nectar. There would be no flowers without bees and no bees without the nectar of a flower. Can you truly say the nectar belongs to the flower, or that the wings of a bee belong to the bee? Were they not made for each other? If it were not for the appearance of separate bodies would you not see them as one? If thought is nectar created in the Mind of God can it belong to you alone? Do each of us have unseen wings? If it were not for appearances’ would you not see that God and you are one?





I collect the nectar of God, I am grateful for it, and I know it is a gift for me to give away today and every day


Robert Luckin 20 April 2013