Evidence Of Healing

The Evidence Of Healing

I was shown a beautiful bowl that came from China. It had been broken and mended with gold solder. The lines of gold solder added great beauty to the bowl. I was told that the solder viewed a break as a place for healing and that finding the pieces and carefully soldering them together was a demonstration of love. This process helps the mender develop a deeper understand of the bowl’s strength, beauty and purpose. It shows respect for lessons given and learned. Too often we throw away a broken bowl or ourselves with very little thought. When a relationship doesn’t look or work exactly the way we think it should, we give up and walk away. The relationship we have with others, and with ourselves is like fine glass, it is very fragile. We will experience many breaks over our lifetime. Disappointment, goals not reached, lost pride and disillusionment can leave us in pieces. When we don’t run away, but stay and pick up the pieces, we tell the universe that we are not to be thrown away. Repairing what is broken is an act of love and compassion. Many people see themselves as scarred. Many hide their scars in shame. When we view what we once called scars as the evidence of a lesson learned, scares become lifelines of healing. All relationships are fragile and will eventually break. How we pick up the pieces, repair the damage, and heal the relationship is the story of our life.

Bob Luckin ©
11 October 2013