Eternity In A Kiss

Eternity In A Kiss


As the snowflake began her journey from a place none have ever seen, a tender voice whispered, “I am the power for good that has always been, and will always be. Everything you see and know lives and has its being within me. You are a unique and divine expression of my nature. Nothing can separate us. You will enjoy having many forms before you return to the arms of my embrace. You will travel great distances, and will be immersed in wonder, mystery and a thousand impassioned dreams. The fire of love will burn deep within you. You will know of loss, but will not be lost; you will know of pain and death, but neither will take you from me. You are my child, and I am your nature. I am with you today and always.”

She was not alone. A thousand snowflakes gently fell beside her. Looking up she could not see beyond the thousands more above her, each on their own unique and special journey.

If you were from the world of time and measures you might say a snowflake’s life lasts only moments, and is too small to measure. You would be wrong. Tell me the interior measure of your dreams? Have you not dreamed a thousand hours in a single night?  Have you not discovered eternity in a single kiss? A snowflake’s life is forever. She may appear one day as a drop of water to quench your thirst and fill your heart and mind with wonder.





I live and have my being in a timeless world of infinite love and possibility.


Robert Luckin 18 April 2013