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Minds Eye View

The problem is my minds eye view of life is smaller than the world I want to create to live in. It’s hard to see how I make my world to small for my dreams to have room to grow, mature and reap their natural benefits, but I do. I have invited that part of …

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What Would You Do?

My favorite question to ask myself when I am under pressure form an inside or outside problem is this, What would you do if you had amnesia, and all you could find out about yourself was that you were a great, kind, intelligent, loving and capable person? How would you behave? Now behave that way. …

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Brain Tweets Page 2

Bob’s Brain Tweets  page 2   As you walk life’s path notice who you are. Notice what you think. Notice what you feel.   Your internal world is unfolding before your eyes. Make sure to keep them open.   Your eyes will only see as far as your inner vision allows.   If we loved …

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Bob’s Brain Tweets For The Day

      The trouble with living a small life is learning to live with the bruises you receive when banging into the walls of the small space you have built to live in.   When your actions match your words, you can speak softly and move with gentleness.   I awoke to a storm …

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Become A Painter

To overcome any latent fear of painting, don’t bother with brushes, paint with your mind. When you begin painting with your mind you enter a new world you have never seen before, but a world that has always been there.  Decide that you are a painter and watch as your world becomes your canvas. If there …

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