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Bicycling in the Wind

As I began my morning bike ride, I quickly noticed a fifteen to twenty mile per hour wind blowing from the east. Since the first leg of my ride is toward the west, I enjoyed the wind at my back and bike-ride memories of my youth — a time when I could ride hard, long …

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We Were A Packard Family

A Packard Family     My father drove a Packard We were a Packard family Our neighbors had mostly Fords and Chevy’s One neighbor had a Buick There wasn’t much you could say about a Buick My dad was out of work a lot Our Packard was green We were very, very poor It would …

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I don’t know whose idea women were, but I think they are a very good idea. I have found them just about everywhere, doing just about everything a human being can do. They come in all shapes and sizes, as well as in a variety of beautiful colors. They have the most amazing voices eyes …

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Love Everyday

If you meet the person you love each day with new eyes, it is difficult not to fall in love with them again everyday for the rest of your life.   © Robert Luckin 2 March 2013  

Dog Rescue

Behind every dog rescue story there is an equally compelling story about the human being who was saved by that rescue.   © Robert Luckin

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