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I Dream A World Of Love

        I Dream A World Of Love   If you love to dream, your dreams will stay with you and you will have no need to chase them. If you nourish your dreams they will grow. Well-tended dreams come with a world of ideas that never stop expanding. If you trust yourself …

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Guns & Roses

Guns And Roses   One of the first lessons a young man is taught is not to be a sissy. “Don’t cry, nobody cares what you feel.” When a man begins a sentence with “I think,” men listen. When a man begins a sentence with “I feel,” men are suspicious and doubt his authority.   …

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The Past Is Yours To Write

    Each of us is the author of our past. The meaning it has, the colors it reveals and the lessons it teaches are of our own making. Since you are the artist/author, feel free to rewrite the past as often as you wish. Without realizing it, this is exactly what you have been …

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Why Do I Care?

Why do I care what other people think of my actions or of me?  I care because I have some beliefs that I hold very dear:   There are no extra people. 2. People in my life are important. 3. I believe that if a relationship is worth having, it’s worth taking care of. 4. …

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