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Serve Love

Do everything with love. Love by itself does nothing. Love is a fire in the soul. It is fuel for the living. Love is the unseen master that bathes a kiss, and consummates a smile. It is the sparkle in your eyes and the rhythm of your heart. Every thought is a tool designed for …

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Life Is Too Short

Life is too short for cheap coffee Artificial sweeteners Veneer relationships Fake hair Fake smiles Broken promises Broken hearts or Broken dreams Life is too short for affordable love Reasonable outcomes And a life without passion Life is too short to be lived In fear, judgment or regret Life is for living From the inside …

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Time For An Upgrade

Time For An Upgrade   Recently I had a problem with a specific function on my iphone. I went to my local phone store in search of help. A very tall, slender, outspoken young costumer service representative smiled and began showing me several ways to overcome the problem. He also showed me how to avoid …

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Today I will

Today I will make a little extra room for my fellow drivers. I will smile at the sun and sing the songs that bring me joy. Today I will greet the lizards that live just outside my door with some bits of food. Today I will tell someone I hardly know that I would like …

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Make Your Life A Safari

                       Make Your Life A Safari   When I was very young, before I learned to weigh and measure my accomplishments, my world was an abundant place to be discovered. I had no concept of past, present or future. Experience has taught me much of what I need …

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