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Tears & Love

Tears and Love I may not see the first, or catch the second of your tears. I cannot stop them; they belong to you, as does your smile, your laughter and your song of life. I will walk next to you, if that is your desire. I will stand by you, and hold your heart …

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Mr. Stienway

Mr. Steinway   The old, bruised and dented piano looked much like any nearly one hundred year old person. It lived in the corner of VA rehabilitation center along with a number of wounded vets. Before he was wounded, Rubin had been a carpenter. Deciding to refinish the piano was as much for him as …

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Making The Impossible Possible

Making the Impossible Possible.   When we are told something is impossible should we agree and walk away? Warnings are just warnings. Consider them carefully and decide for yourself the extent other people’s experiences apply to you. Do your homework. Create a network of support. Plan for what you will do if you fail. The …

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Daily thoughts

I love the beginning of endings, the ending of beginnings and the space between them. I love it when a promise is fulfilled and spent. I love the August moon, September sky and October frost. I love it all.   I found the words I had in a secret chest hidden form hungry eyes and …

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  I have come, To drag you out of yourself, And take you in my heart. I have come, To bring out the beauty You never knew you had And lift you like a prayer, To the sky.   – Rumi   I have waited for this moment I have feared it I am ready …

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