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I Love to Garden

I Love to Garden I love gardening. I have acquired hundreds of new garden thoughts; some from a spiritual center, a few from a PBS late night news program, a few more from my favorite movies, and a bunch from books and Facebook friends. So far they are all getting along well together. Many old …

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Wet and Loving It

Wet and Loving It Walk in the rain. Stand in it until you are drenched. Enjoy knowing that no matter how much more it rains on you, you are as wet as you will ever be. Once the sun comes out, welcome it as you would a friend. Enjoy its warmth and all the light …

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A Word Affair

A Word Affair I like the words “chocolate,” “love” and “celebration.” I like words that open the mind and make my heart long for more. I like words that invite me in, open doors and say thank you. I like words I can build on, words that are solid and words that I can see …

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Live & Love

You Are Here To Live and Love While you are here in this body, love, laugh, smile and ask millions of questions. Sing out loud, especially where there is an echo. Dance as long as you can and walk until your feet will no longer move. Swim in the ocean, a lake and a pond. …

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Evidence Of Healing

The Evidence Of Healing I was shown a beautiful bowl that came from China. It had been broken and mended with gold solder. The lines of gold solder added great beauty to the bowl. I was told that the solder viewed a break as a place for healing and that finding the pieces and carefully …

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