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  ROAD SIGNS   Maybe some of you who know more about driving and the law than I do can help me. I get to a sign that reads “STOP” and just below it is another sign attached to it says “THREE WAY.” I only know one way to stop. I can’t even think of …

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A Gun Conversation

Imagining how the first conversation about a gun might have gone       Hunter: “We need a way to kill animals (for food) that is easy and effective.”   Inventor: “”How many animals?”   Hunter: “One at a time – we can only eat one at a time.”   Inventor: “I have been working …

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Space For Words

Leave space around your words for a person to bring their questions. Words can invite laughter, a smile and a generous amount of thinking. My words are your words, since words belong to no one. Borrowed words inspire, conspire, and require something of those who read them. Enjoy them, play with them, and toss them …

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An Alphabetic Tragedy

An Alphabetic Tragedy   Something to know before you watch the Oscars   The letters X and G got their start on Sesame Street. Before they were rated they spent everyday together. After X and G were rated they were told that spending time together was in bad taste; so they decided to just be …

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Brain Tweets Page 2

Bob’s Brain Tweets  page 2   As you walk life’s path notice who you are. Notice what you think. Notice what you feel.   Your internal world is unfolding before your eyes. Make sure to keep them open.   Your eyes will only see as far as your inner vision allows.   If we loved …

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