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The End of Hate

The End of Hate Scientists had been working for years on one research project after another trying to understand the origin of hate. They had long known that the precursor to hate was fear. In the process of studying the molecular structure of hate, one scientist found that hate operated much like a virus. Since …

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My Wife Is Trying To Kill Me

My Wife Is Trying To Kill Me   Judith was very pleasant this morning and even fixed me a second cup of coffee. I thought things were fine between us. She invited me to her water aerobics class, which for a more observant person, might have been the first sign that all was not well. …

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Bobs Gun Amendments 4.5 &4.6

I would like to pass two new amendments.   Amendment 4.5   If you don’t have a gun, and are not using a gun, it shall be against the law for ANYONE to shoot you with a gun.   I realize this law would make it possible for people with guns to shoot and kill …

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Got Words

        I just got all my words out and put them on the table. I am going to start using them now. I am going to write words I like along with some I love. I would be glad to lend you any that you think you can use. Some of the …

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    Have you been wishing you could live to be 150 + years old while maintaining perfect heath? Have you been thinking about how great it would be to have the body of a 21 year old, and an IQ of180? Having you been missing out on life because of lifeless hair and missing …

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