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Achilles, the Worried Caterpillar

Achilles, the Worried Caterpillar   Achilles, the worried caterpillar, was born in the spring. No one knows how he learned to worry, but he worried all the time. At first he worried about his enormous appetite. He worried that he would always be hungry. He worried his stripes were too bright and that he had …

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Flashing Lights

    Flashing Lights   It’s late. No one is awake. Most folks in this retirement community are very old and have been asleep for hours, some for years. The ambulance is here. They didn’t use a siren. They come quietly. They know this place; they often come at night, sharp red and blue lights …

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Mothers Day

Dear Mom,   It’s time to write a thank you letter for some things I never thanked you for. The lima beans that Dad told me I had to eat would still be on my plate getting older and colder were it not for your throwing them away when Dad wasn’t looking. I appreciate the …

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What If?

    What if things are not going to get better? What if you’re are not going to get rich, regain perfect health and get everyone to love you unconditionally? What if you are not going to have that vacation of a lifetime, a pet that doesn’t shed, or family that don’t complain? What if …

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In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory of Janet Churchman Langlois   Today the world has changed One who was with us has gone Her journey was an important one While here she created life Changed and supported many lives She was a source of light A confidante A gift of light A smile A very special lover Today …

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