A Place Of Peace

A Place Of Peace


The windows of this house are open to the soft breeze. The front door is never locked. The rooms are filled with light and soft pillows for those days when you are weary. The sweet nectar of compassion, forgiveness and understanding flows easily from every fountain. There are no ceilings to keep you from the moon, stars and open sky. Paint rainbows, dreams and love songs that inspire. Play as many instruments as you desire. Write the words to poems that have touched your heart, brought tears to your eyes, lifted you up and made you want to dance. Welcome. Stay awhile and dream awhile. Rest. You will know when its time to go. When you are ready something in you will stir and direct your course of action. I did not build this house. This is the house your heart has built and shaped and transforms daily. Some days it will be small and very private. Some days it will be a castle with ten thousand rooms filled with answered prayers, song and laughter. It’s a safe place to receive gentle messages, encouragement and a new perspective. You do not need a key or combination. There is no dress code or superficial conversation. This place is never too far for you to travel. Just close your eyes and breath deeply from your heart. Smile. Keep breathing. Before long you will see the path that you must follow. There really is no place like home.




I make time for myself to enter the kingdom of heaven today and everyday.


Robert Luckin 19 April 2013