Monthly Archive: June 2013


  I have come, To drag you out of yourself, And take you in my heart. I have come, To bring out the beauty You never knew you had And lift you like a prayer, To the sky.   – Rumi   I have waited for this moment I have feared it I am ready …

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Today I will

Today I will make a little extra room for my fellow drivers. I will smile at the sun and sing the songs that bring me joy. Today I will greet the lizards that live just outside my door with some bits of food. Today I will tell someone I hardly know that I would like …

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My Wife Is Trying To Kill Me

My Wife Is Trying To Kill Me   Judith was very pleasant this morning and even fixed me a second cup of coffee. I thought things were fine between us. She invited me to her water aerobics class, which for a more observant person, might have been the first sign that all was not well. …

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