Monthly Archive: May 2013

Flashing Lights

    Flashing Lights   It’s late. No one is awake. Most folks in this retirement community are very old and have been asleep for hours, some for years. The ambulance is here. They didn’t use a siren. They come quietly. They know this place; they often come at night, sharp red and blue lights …

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Make Your Life A Safari

                       Make Your Life A Safari   When I was very young, before I learned to weigh and measure my accomplishments, my world was an abundant place to be discovered. I had no concept of past, present or future. Experience has taught me much of what I need …

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I Dream A World Of Love

        I Dream A World Of Love   If you love to dream, your dreams will stay with you and you will have no need to chase them. If you nourish your dreams they will grow. Well-tended dreams come with a world of ideas that never stop expanding. If you trust yourself …

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Mothers Day

Dear Mom,   It’s time to write a thank you letter for some things I never thanked you for. The lima beans that Dad told me I had to eat would still be on my plate getting older and colder were it not for your throwing them away when Dad wasn’t looking. I appreciate the …

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The Music of Your Life

     The Music of Your Life   Pick a favorite musician, one who has written a considerable number of compositions. Have you noticed that although each piece of music written by this composer has a unique message and melody, there is something in each piece that immediately leads you to recognizing the composer? Every …

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