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God’s Sweet Nectar

    God’s Sweet Nectar   Borrowed thoughts, ideas and dreams float in and out of view. In time, the friendly ones, the ones I like, the ones others praise me for grow, as do all things well attended. On hot days I drink in ideas and thoughts like ice water. I am refreshed and …

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Eternity In A Kiss

Eternity In A Kiss   As the snowflake began her journey from a place none have ever seen, a tender voice whispered, “I am the power for good that has always been, and will always be. Everything you see and know lives and has its being within me. You are a unique and divine expression …

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A Place Of Peace

A Place Of Peace   The windows of this house are open to the soft breeze. The front door is never locked. The rooms are filled with light and soft pillows for those days when you are weary. The sweet nectar of compassion, forgiveness and understanding flows easily from every fountain. There are no ceilings …

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The Forest Path

The Forest Path   Your path, like all paths, has its seasons. Many bends and conditions can make it difficult to follow. Stop and rest when it pleases you, when you are tired or when it feels right to dance and sing. The tallest trees are totems belonging to the heavens. Saplings are teachers; they …

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Writing Your Book Of Life

Writing Your Book Of Life   I believe the rules for writing a good book are rules that could easily be applied to living one’s life:   1) You are the main character in your life story. 2) Without you there is no story. 3) Develop your character fully, every day and in every way; …

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