Monthly Archive: March 2013

Bobs Gun Amendments 4.5 &4.6

I would like to pass two new amendments.   Amendment 4.5   If you don’t have a gun, and are not using a gun, it shall be against the law for ANYONE to shoot you with a gun.   I realize this law would make it possible for people with guns to shoot and kill …

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Let’s Agree

    Each of us is an expression of love Our mission is to give and receive love Let’s agree to be lovers Today Tomorrow Everyday It won’t always be easy People won’t always seem lovable You may have to give up being mad You won’t always get to be right You may not always …

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Got Words

        I just got all my words out and put them on the table. I am going to start using them now. I am going to write words I like along with some I love. I would be glad to lend you any that you think you can use. Some of the …

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Between The Notes

Between the notes Beyond mortal hearing On the other side of silence There is a symphony of love that only your heart can hear You are bathed in the music of love every minute of your life You are a treasure being celebrated throughout the universe Your soul has always known this truth.   © …

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Last Night

Last night I dreamed I had discovered a Department of Miracles, Mystery, and Wonder. I was pleased to find such an amazing place. Over time I noticed the sign on the front door kept getting smaller. Eventually the phone was disconnected. One day as I walked by the office I noticed the sign was gone, …

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