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An Alphabetic Tragedy

An Alphabetic Tragedy   Something to know before you watch the Oscars   The letters X and G got their start on Sesame Street. Before they were rated they spent everyday together. After X and G were rated they were told that spending time together was in bad taste; so they decided to just be …

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Brain Tweets Page 2

Bob’s Brain Tweets  page 2   As you walk life’s path notice who you are. Notice what you think. Notice what you feel.   Your internal world is unfolding before your eyes. Make sure to keep them open.   Your eyes will only see as far as your inner vision allows.   If we loved …

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Keeping Up

Keeping Up   As many of you know I have started my own blog. For a blog to be interesting it must be updated frequently. Blogs have an insatiable appetite for new material. Such an appetite would be fine if I didn’t have an offline life to live. In some ways this blog feels like …

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Bob’s Brain Tweets For The Day

      The trouble with living a small life is learning to live with the bruises you receive when banging into the walls of the small space you have built to live in.   When your actions match your words, you can speak softly and move with gentleness.   I awoke to a storm …

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I Sold My Body

Today I sold my body to a Hedge Fund. I am very excited about this transaction. I no longer have to exercise or eat good organic food. I am told that the hedge fund manager will develop my body well beyond its full potential, and that in no time at all, it will be worth …

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