Monthly Archive: February 2013

Did You Not Know?

You are the light from a distant star The warm hug of nature You are a smile that lights the moon And gives the night to lovers You are the loftiest of dreams come true Promises kept A child’s laughter You are the rising tide of passion You are the soft hands of love The …

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What Can Love Do?

Love doesn’t stop pain, end bad health, or put money in an empty pocket. Love can’t fix a broken arm or heart. Banks won’t consider it as income. You can’t borrow it, or borrow against it. So love can seem quite limited, yet without it life has no color, and no laughter. Without love life …

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Minds Eye View

The problem is my minds eye view of life is smaller than the world I want to create to live in. It’s hard to see how I make my world to small for my dreams to have room to grow, mature and reap their natural benefits, but I do. I have invited that part of …

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What Would You Do?

My favorite question to ask myself when I am under pressure form an inside or outside problem is this, What would you do if you had amnesia, and all you could find out about yourself was that you were a great, kind, intelligent, loving and capable person? How would you behave? Now behave that way. …

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Left Over Dreams

Left over dreams toss themselves about as I drink my morning coffee. What will the day be like? Will I do the things I usually do?  Will I say the same things I have said a thousand times before? Will I Say I love you to each and every person I encounter? Will I hold …

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